On the campsite you find toilet units and shower units. There will also be a separate place to tap water which you can drink, use for your cooking and doing your dishes.

Food supply

The food which is included in the campfee is stored in our food supply. It will be handed out by our food supply staff. They will also give you a recipe how to prepare the food. Food supply will only be open a few hours every day.

Shopping at the camp

All basic food and drinks are covered by the camp fees. However you may buy some sweet, additional drinks, postcard, stamps and Marsna Jamborette souvenirs (a small collection is shown at the pictures below) at the small camp shop. If we don't have an article in stock we will try and get it from the local shops for you.


Jambo's plaza

The Jambo's plaza is open in the evening hours. You can buy a nice cup of coffee or tea, a cold beverage or a non-alcoholic beer. It is also a great opportunity to meet other participants. Enjoy stories with each other or just simply talk about your day. Take along a boardgame with you and challenge another participant to join in. It is all about having fun together.

Medical care

The Marsna Jamborette has medical care arranged on call. At all times certified first aid assistants will be at the campsite. Extensive, high standard (academic) hospital facilities are available in the city of Maastricht within 10 km of the campsite.

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