Visitors day Marsna Jamborette 2023

The Visitors day will be on 6 August 2023 between 14:00 - 17:00 hours. The entrance is free for everybody who likes to experiance an International scouting camp. On this day you can meet all the participants. They will be happy to guide you around the campsite. It is also possible to join several workshops. The visitors day will end with a nice campfire! You are most welcome.
For traveling information, see below.

Please be informed:
The Visitors day is the only day you can visit the Marsna Jamborette. Other days the camp is closed for public.


Traveling to the Marsna Jamborette is easily done by train, bus or car.

The campsite is located in Meerssen. Meerssen is situated in the south of the Netherlands some 6 km from the city of Maastricht. Depending on your means of traveling you can reach Meerssen by car, bus, train or aeroplane. The address of the Marsna Jamborette camping area is: Tussen de bruggen, Meerssen.

By Train:

From the South and Southwest:
Travel by train to Maastricht, the Netherlands. From here take the local train to Meerssen.

From the North, East and Northeast:
Travel by train to Heerlen, the Netherlands. From here take the local train to Meerssen

Your end destination is train station, Meerssen. (See map point A), after leaving the train station you need to walk for about 5 minutes to the Marsna Jamborette (See map point B).

By Bus (Public transport):

There are 3 bus lines stopping near the Marsna Jamborette at the train station of Meerssen. These bus lines are 3, 17 and 52. From the train station (See map point A) you have to walk for about 5 minutes to the campsite (See map point B). Bus line 3 even stops in front of the Marsna Jamborette.

By Car:

Your end destination is Tussen de bruggen, Meerssen (See map point B). There are a few parking spots in front of the Marsna Jamborette, if no parking spots available, please park in City center of Meerssen.

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