About the camp

General information:
Camp Year 2023  
Date 31 juli -11 August 2023
Where is the MJ? In the south of the Netherlands, near Maastricht
Age group Between 13 and 17 years
Aims of The Marsna Jamborette

Play Scouting and Guiding with Scouts and Guides from other countries.
Learn, see and get acquainted with different cultures.
Learn more about The Netherlands.
To know every single participant at the end of the camp.

A little about our History 

This next Marsna Jamborette is not the first ever held. It all started back in 1984 with a camp with participants from 8 countries. The organizers enjoyed it so much that the second Jamborette was held in 1989, the third in 1993, the fourth in 1997, the fifth in 2001, the sixth in 2005, the seventh in 2009 and the eighth in 2013. There have been participants first taking part as youthmember and later as leader!
One of the aims of the Marsna Jamborette is offering our guests a 'comfy' as possible camp at which in the end everybody knows each other. In all Jamborettes we have been quite successfull in achieving this aim. 

Program during the Marsna Jamborette

During the Marsna Jamborette we will organize several excursions and hikes for you: visits to Maastricht and our capital Amsterdam, hiking in the Ardennes (in Belgium) and in our province Limburg, and a lot more. Depending on your interest you can participate in these excursions and hikes. Furthermore we will challenge you to show your skills in a sporting tournament. We would like you to enjoy our campfires and various creativity programs as well. We are quite sure that we can offer you a nice program which will enable you to learn more about our country as well as our region. Detailed information about excursions you can find in the information booklets (see download pages). 

About the costs (campfee)

The campfee of the Marsna Jamborette 2023 is: €285,- per person. This includes: camping place, food, campscarf, badge and all activities, transfer from and to Maastricht railway station or the Maastricht/Aachen Airport. Excluded are the excursions and hikes. The cost of these excursions are kept to a minimum level.

IMPORTANT => It is still possible to register for the Marsna Jamborette 2023.


You have already met me on the welcome page. You know that every camp in style has a mascot. And as Jambo, I am proud  to be the mascot of the Marsna Jamborette. I was born during the first Marsna Jamborette 1984. They have told me that I have always been very popular among the Marsna Jamborette participants. Well and I'm not going to tell you something else ofcourse.
If you want to meet me in real you have to be on the next Marsna Jamborette. I love to see you there. Having fun together with a lot of other Scouts and Guides and me! 

The Marsna Telegraph & Marsna Bulletin

Marsna Bulletin

The Marsna Bulletin is our official information-leaflet of the Marsna Jamborette. This Marsna Bulletin is especially meant for all foreign participants of the camp. The bulletin is also meant for the organizers of the Jamborette: the Shero's (boyscouts and girlscouts) from Meerssen and the staff. In the Bulletins which will appear in the months preceding the camp, you can read all kind of information about the Marsna Jamborette. In this way we hope to increase your enthusiasm and to let you have more fun with your preparations! This Marsna Bulletin is only send to registered groups, but you can also download it on our download site.

The Marsna Telegraph

During the Marsna Jamborette the camp newspaper 'The Marsna Telegraph' will be edited every day. In this newspaper all interesting events of the last day will be reported. The Marsna Telegraph will give you information about the weather and all kind of domestic business. Every participant will receive a copy of the Marsna Telegraph at breakfast-time. There will be some space reserved for your group as well. During the camp you can use this space by writing about your adventures or other interesting subjects. People back home can download this camp newspaper on our download site, so they can enjoy our newspaper, too.

Location of camp and why the name "Marsna" Jamborette

When you take a look at the map you will see that our Marsna Jamborette (held in Meerssen) is located very near the capital of the province Limburg, Maastricht. It has a lot of history, that makes Maastricht to an interesting and popular destination.

Meerssen is a very old town to Dutch standards: 2000 years. Excavations in Meerssen have shown thre existence of various old Roman buildings. The Romans used to call this nice place "Marsana" or "Marsna". Now you know how we got our name for the Marsna Jamborette.

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