During the Marsna Jamborette there is an possiblility to participate on several hikes.
See below for more information:


Limburg Hike:


A hike on foot through some of the prettiest parts of Limburg. You see how people lived centuries ago and how they built their houses in those times. On this hike you may see some rare plants and perhaps you will see some of the scarce wildlife in the Netherlands.

Duration:   One day
Location:   South Limburg (Netherlands)


Ardennes Hike I:

A one-day hike through the rough and beautiful Ardennes, a big nature reserve in Belgium. This hike is for groups of four to ten people. Personal equipment: Shoes with hard and rough soles and with a shaft covering the ankle (preferably light mountain shoes), anorak, sweater, rain-cloth, small backpack. The tour will take you up and down the hills of the Ardennes and across some fast flowing rivers.
(Participants should have moderate orienteering and hiking experience. Good footwear is essential!)

Duration: One day
Location: Spa (Belgium)


Ardennes Hike II:


A two-day hike with basic survival practice. People who have no experience in carrying a backpack for quite some time should not participate in this hike. The first day of this hike we will walk through the Ardennes and in the evening we will prepare a simple shelter for the night. We don't take along our tents. We also learn to use various types of fires and will prepare our meals on them. This hike promises to be a great experience for those who never had an introduction to survival training. Those who do have some experience can bring their knowledge into practice again. (Participants should have good orienteering and hiking experience. Good footware is essential!) Personal equipment: see Ardennes Hike I plus sleeping bag and a good back-pack.

Duration: Two day
Location: Spa (Belgium)

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