Excursions during the Marsna Jamborette

During the Marsna Jamborette there is an possiblility to participate on several excursions.
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Sightseeing Amsterdam:


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. We think Amsterdam needs no further introduction. Of course you will have time enough to enjoy a sightseeing tour on the famous canals by boat, visit one of the several museums, do some shopping or simply walk around in this metropolis.

Duration: One day
Location: Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Sightseeing Maastricht:


This excursion will show you some very interesting places in Maastricht, the capital of the province Limburg. For the European Union the city of Maastricht has been very important: here the Treaty of Maastricht was signed. You will learn about the ancient culture of this city. You will visit the famous man-made caves in Maastricht. People used to cut out the chalk, which cover large parts of Limburg, to build their houses and churches. In this way, enormous caves were created through the centuries. Many people found shelter in these caves in time of war and disaster. In some parts of these caves you can see enormous paintings, drawings and sculptures. Of coarse you will have plenty of time to do some shopping in Maastricht. You can 'taste' a little bit of the Burgundian hospitality which Maastricht offers.

Duration: One day
Location: Maastricht (Netherlands)


Sightseeing The Hague:


The Hague is the seat of the Crown and the seat of the Dutch Government. This city is internationally recognized as the world's capital of International Justice. Not only does His Majesty King William Alexander reside here, the city also boasts a wide variety of palaces, statues and Royal Stables, as well as a host of other attractions, including for example Madurodam (a fantastic miniature city showing all aspects of the Netherlands), and museums like the Mauritshuis, the Gemeentemuseum The Hague and Panorama Mesdag. In addition, The Hague offers majestic shopping opportunities in the historic Passage and the Haagsche Bluf shopping centre, while all main department store are a mere walk away. For a pleasant and relaxing stay your may even visit the promenades and beaches of The Hague's seaside resorts of Scheveningen and Kijkduin.

Duration: One day
Location: The Hague (Netherlands)


Go Ape; High Roping:


High Roping makes even the toughest Scout / Guide doubt and think over. This is for those of you who wish to experience the thrill of danger and adrenaline. High Roping is a wonderful experience for an active Scout.

Duration: One day
Location: Sittard (Netherlands)

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